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About Us

DaleParks & Associates (DPA) was established with a team of highly focused qualified and experienced professionals to provide accounting, auditing, fraud investigation forensic accounting, human resources, and management consulting services in the public and private sectors both in Jamaica and overseas.  The team members have varied management experience in different industries and have performed projects on behalf of clients ranging from individuals to large  multi-national corporations and government entities. In addition  the principals of the firm are members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, an international professional organisation dedicated to training their members in the highly specialised aspects of detecting, investigating and deterring fraud and other irregularities.


The objectives of the firm are to:

1)    strive for excellence in all our engagements

2)    contribute to our clients prosperity and allow them to face their competitors with confidence

3)    assist our clients to identify opportunities emerging in the market place and take positive actions to harness these opportunities

4)    complete assignments in an efficient and timely manner

5)    generate good customer service while ensuring that clients business development and profitability is enhanced


The firm is committed to providing clients with the highest quality service in an atmosphere of integrity and objectivity. Engagements performed by the firm are conducted under the supervision of a partner or an associate. Assignments are conducted by consultants possessing the necessary level of technical competence and experience with the clients business or industry. Where appropriate outside resources will be tapped to enable the firm to complete assignments.